Best Affiliate Software 2023 Reviews, Pricing, and Demos

In other words, HubSpot’s mission is to make the world more inbound. Moz is often the first to come to mind when it comes to domain authority. The MozBar gives you a DA score (0-90) that quickly evaluates the authority or relevance of a publisher’s site. SEMRush is not traditional affiliate management software since it is designed for content and SEM and marking teams. In fact, your marketing team might be using it right now, so go and ask if you can borrow their login. If your company does not have it yet, see if you can split the cost with the rest of the marketing team.

Ecommerce brands use it to track commission earned by referring customers, affiliates, or influencers they’re partnering with. Coupon codes, cash bonuses, percentage commissions—there are many ways to reward affiliates for diverting customers your way. Choose an affiliate marketing software with the flexibility to offer different commission structures.

Affiliate marketing allows you to partner with bloggers, publishers, and influencers that promote your products to their audiences in exchange for a commission on sales. Affiliate marketing software can help you manage your own affiliate program, create custom links, track commisions, and pay affiliates. Onpoint Reporting – One of the most important features that an ideal affiliate marketing software must possess is extensive reporting and tracking. The software must track and provide you with all the key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. of your affiliate partners.

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In case, the software needs the additional support of developer or any third party software , it is better to cut it loose from your list. Otherwise, every time you want to make some small changes in campaigns, you have to look for the helping hands to get the job done. AffiliateWP conventionally offers affiliate URLs to your partners for tracking their performance. Your affiliates will also have the power to generate their own referral links and use the pretty URL format. Additionally, you can also offer custom coupon codes to your partners.

Often, the top affiliates in a network will go to the companies that can afford to pay the highest commissions. After all, networks are an affiliate’s market, not a brand’s market. This can hinder your efforts in building your brand and creating a large, loyal customer base, especially if you’re a small business or startup. Choose a platform that offers the right integrations and partnerships with other businesses. Make sure that the software is compatible with the payment options you need and the business partners you want to work with.

I do hope this post has helped you narrow down your search for a good fit and I wish you luck in finding a partner marketing system that meets all of your needs. Those are the best and my top recommended affiliate manager software. PayKickStart starts at a basic plan of $99/mo all the way to $149/mo. With its fairly customizable dashboard, you can change the look of your affiliate area the way you want (logos, colors, etc.). So far from what I’ve seen, their customer care support is topnotch.

How We Chose and Rated the Best Affiliate Management Software

A professional affiliate marketing software will enable users to customize the commission plans. This feature will let you design your own commission plan for all your affiliates using different payout models such as CPS, CPI, CPA, and CPC. Additionally, the software should facilitate the billing process by storing information of affiliates and advertisers, enabling auto-generation of invoices, and more. Smart targeting is another feature we examined for our affiliate marketing software reviews since it enables you to reach relevant audiences, boosting conversion rates. Smartlinks automate the process of analyzing users’ data and choosing which offers to send to the most interested users.

  • The integration is available for CMS, payment gateways, email autoresponders, eCommerce stores, page builders, etc.
  • Traffic – Similarly, you can pay $59/month for 125,000 monthly clicks and the advanced feature of custom subdomain parking.
  • This affiliate software also provides in-depth analytics including registrations, mobile app installs, and sales.
  • Appointlet also integrates with your calendar, so you can see your upcoming appointments at a glance.
  • When it comes to tracking, the software is highly efficient to track clicks, leads, and sales of your affiliate partners.

This software starts at $39/mo (cloud-hosted) and the self-hosted plan starts at a $199 one-time fee. You can start with a 14-day free trial period before the starter plan of $49/mo. It has everything you need to start and scale your partner, reseller, and marketing program. As such, affiliate management requires the ability to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships through active communication, engagement, motivation, and incentivization. Inbuilt Anti-Fraud Logic eliminates fraudulent traffic from affiliate campaigns.

Which affiliate marketing tools are in your toolstack?

The Platinum suite plan costs $297/mo where you get access to the affiliate system. Refersion affiliate management platform is somehow simpler and works best for e-commerce. Never actually knew that I could also use the platform to manage an affiliate program. I got to discover this affiliate management system when I wanted to apply as an affiliate to some product months back. It is a powerful affiliate marketing suite with everything from account management, affiliate creatives, and landing pages to campaign reports. There are quite some amazing features in this affiliate marketing tool has.

Your affiliate partners can earn additionally from affiliates they recruit under themselves. AffiliateWP is specifically designed for WordPress and WooCommerce sites looking for a ‘plug and play’ solution. It is an advanced feature-packed WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress or WooCommerce site, helping you track your affiliates and referrals with ease. Self-service dashboard offers the ability to create, edit, and pause offers at any time supporting the ability to instantly adapt to market requirements. Use custom parameters such as location, device, browser, traffic caps, and redirects for real-time monetization of traffic. Ensure accurate measurement for each impression, click and conversion for proper revenue and payout attribution.

affiliate management software

Integrations with your current toolset, including customer relationship management and payment processors. The FraudScore feature detects, and the affiliates are promptly alerted for important status changes. Each conversion can be authenticated with a unique security code and you can also block unwanted partners with one click. TrackingDesk’s analytics module provides affiliate management system insightful data about the performance of your campaign so you can make informed decisions that will boost your ROI. You can filter traffic segments and identify which of them are ROI-positive, group stats, identify top offers in terms of conversion, and compare several campaigns. Refersion’s commission structures include flat rate, percentage of the sale, and tiered.

Development and training of affiliates

Affiliate managers can create the perfect program with the capabilities that Shareasale offers. Affiliate management software is a tool used by businesses to track their affiliates. This type of software allows businesses to see which affiliates are generating the most sales and leads, as well as which affiliates are not performing well. The affiliate management software market is saturated with many options to choose from. I have to say that it’s really difficult to choose which is the best among all these great affiliate tracking software.

The differentiating factors among Rewardful plans are transaction fees, affiliate finder credits, revenue from affiliates, and a few advanced features. Moreover, in addition to the conventional link tracking, iDevAffiliate will track coupon codes. You, as a business owner would have to provide unique coupon codes to your affiliates. At the same time, there isn’t a free trial or a free version of the plugin.

affiliate management software

Additionally, you also get access to different types of commissions like split, recurring, etc. Pro – This plan is ideal for small businesses and startups as it would cost you $97/month. The plan will only track 1 million requests in a month and would only offer a single type of affiliate commission.

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It also offers impressions, postbacks, cookie-based, and promo codes trackings. Ultimate – If you represent an established business, this plan would be ideal for you. It would cost you $197/month and support 5 million tracking requests in a month.

Which software is best for affiliate marketing?

The feature usually comes in handy when products are in their launch period and vendors are looking for a quick boost in sales. Social Blade is an affiliate management tool that helps you discover influencers that would be a match for promoting your brand. The platform also has useful stats for the major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. The team at Social Blade can also work with you to filter the results and obtain highly targeted results.

You can recruit, manage, and track your affiliates from within the platform, and it does provide some analytics and reporting. To simplify the process, we reviewed and rated dozens of platforms to narrow it down to this list of the top 15 best affiliate management tools. Peerclick specializes in high-speed tracking, with a capacity to process over 1 billion clicks daily per account.

The Ultimate plan of this affiliate management system requires a monthly price of $197 with every additional 10,000 requests coming in at $0.4. You get full-scale affiliate marketing management, premium setup, and website integration. The Network plan costs $477 per month for 20,000,000 tracking requests. Your affiliate marketing platform should help you create a great program, but these affiliate management tools could give you the extra boost you need. Many affiliate programs allow brands to only pay commission via PayPal.

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You have complete control over when and how commissions are paid out, as well as any other terms or conditions attached to their acceptance or rejection. Commissions can be sent in the form of a wire transfer or ACH payment at a later date by merchants. It offers a number of different commission structures, such as flat rates, percentages, one-time payments, and ongoing payments. Every time one of your affiliates makes a sale, you and they will each receive an email. Because of the high regard in which these software solutions are held by businesses and marketers, you can provide your affiliates with a program that is already well-liked and trusted.

Post Affiliate Pro integrates with tools like ReCharge, WorldPay, and Stripe to pay affiliates however they prefer. Refersion is another tool to consider when looking for support with your affiliate marketing campaigns. It provides real-time insight into who your affiliates are , alongside a built-in post-purchase marketing channel that invites customers to become an affiliate. As always, like any other affiliate tracking software, it allows you and your affiliate partners to track their performance. It efficiently tracks important metrics like clicks, revenue, sales, affiliate commissions, etc.

PieceKeeper also ensures that no company promotional material sent by sales teams or partners will ever be outdated or out-of-compliance, even if those assets were sent in the past. Another simple yet underrated tool is OneNote, which has more functionalities beyond what a Google Doc can provide. If you have a knack for organization and keeping detailed notes and documentation in one central place… This is the tool for you. What’s great about OneNote is you can create several notebooks that contain their own sections, pages, and subpages. This is incredibly helpful to keep all of your notes organized and easily accessible. Affiliate manager organization is vital to the success of the program.

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