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Due to this persecution we are only just piecing together our beliefs and history. Another andean word, this time in Aymara, used to describe a type of flute played in the la paz region, and as a term to describe homosexuals is Q’iwa, which I found to be described as “anything in between male and female”. Known as Wayna Rap or Nacion Rap, it does manage to fuse a lot of sounds I love but Abraham´s girlfriend Nina Uma does mention it was certainly not a feminist movement for the most part, and it was not linked via a big industry so it could spread to other countries or continents, so remained limited to the El Alto area. Fortunately there are also female artists like Uma herself and Sdenka Suxo Cadena who do bring in anti patriarchal and even anarchist topics. Here, just in the north east building we have a doctor, a dentist, a baker, a butcher, we manage the disinfection of a weekly delivery that some of the younger inhabitants help with. So far then we have a supporter form, a supportee form and a chat space .

But then they have to walk along the green path from the corner of our block, that leads to our fields. They have to work in the fields, harvest and sew just like everyone else. On my last visit in the 90s we travelled to the south with my brother all the way to Temuco and saw a mapuche market and the wonderful rainwashed greenness topped with the most splendid milky way up in the sky and many wonderful views from hills and mountains to the amazing stars of the south. I finally got to see the amazing scenery my grandfather might have seen back when he was putting up telegraph poles 90 years ago. Despite all this I felt the Chile we were all about, that we represented with our connection to Allende’s time, Nueva Trova music and to a culture that was now decades old and in exile, prohibited for so long by the dictatorship, was getting smaller and smaller. At the market in Puente Alto with my aunt, I chose a grey cockerel, a goat, and 3 ducklings.

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Crypto-currencies take over in cities, so we’ll see them in use until they get to the megacity where wealth is tied to ID. Regions like South America, India and Africa are left relatively untouched by this war but also suffer huge economic issues, societal breakdown and famine apart from the remotest places. In what was once the “western” world then, life in many areas becomes very dangerous and isolated. Hospitals, schools and other services are provided by the town councils, but drones and soldiers force people to work, in return for water and building materials. In 2020 a worldwide crop failure brings huge mayhem across the ex EU member states, ex-soviet states and even the US which splits into various states and is reduced to the east coast which continues calling itself the USA.

I prefer microgrids that send a line of LEDs across the house or that send Internet connections across a building. Probably it’s good to lay out also how the build up to the Martian singularity which would be around 2026. In 2016, the EU closes it’s borders and treaties, Russia attacks Turkey and Germany and the US steps in to help. Somehow the global economy had been working still, but at this point, economic mayhem ensues, and in January 2019 there’s a global bank run, as established national currencies fall apart.

Aanapappan – The Texture of Life

One of this project’s key points is financing new renewable energy generators, and this is where the social currency that the city of Barcelona is planning can play a very interesting role. Mostly though, it’s just an extended interface with respect to today’s touchscreens, mice and keyboards, for everyday use. Simulating is then freed from the domain of the dream so that we can imagine situations and train towards them. This was the intent of the Israeli army when they created the first army simulation that led to the first first person shooter. I am here because I know what I have learned as an indigenous person, and my knowledge of my coloniser part also, work together to show that we are not separate from this world but part of it.

This evil man was tried by the viceroyalty that presided over what later became Chile for his practice of committing genocidal rape on the indigenous population, fathering hundreds of mestizo children. I am lucky enough to know a lot about the disgraceful acts carried out by an ancestor, and I can refer to history books and historical papers to see their atrocities and raise awareness of them. I have dedicated myself for maybe 20 years to visiting different towns and localities around the north and I have seen this advance, I’ve seen extractivism gradually increasing in the “great north”. I’ve seen, written, reported and heard how towns were left without water, some ended up negotiating with mining companies, others were divided and all because of this. And I used to see it as a journalist, as an activist, but when you see this happening in your town, in your territory.

But by the time all the waves, all the quarantines and thousands dying every day, we had changed our society. We had been forced to reorganise, if we wanted to enjoy a life even a little bit like the life we had before the pandemic. We wanted to go out, we wanted to have some comfort, but we wanted to have food, to be able to offer some hope to our children, we needed a basis on which to build our lives. It was great to find that one of these solutions was written by an activist from the times of the HIV epidemic who also is really good with low-code poster child Airtable. He succeeded in putting together an app that really facilitates the work of signing up volunteers and people in need of support, and then being able to allocate them. It is also easily extendible and allows people to install the same thing in their area.

Why I march with the indigenous block for COP26

This is perpetuated by the strong syncretic belief in Christianity and by national laws that generally favour men over women or LGBT rights. Now the farm in La Pintana is gone, as most farms are, replaced by 3 bed houses and what was once a small farming area is now part of a sprawling suburb. The bakery up north is also sold with it’s magnificent oven made from iron from an Arica-La Paz railway line’s old steam engine now removed. A step Zero-Bound Interest Rate brother of my dad’s still runs bakeries in Arica, but for years I felt Chile to be farther and farther away. In Scotland I lived in Balloch, 10 minutes walk from the banks of Loch Lomond, just up the road from the old rock of the brytons in Dumbarton. The first Chilean exiles who arrived to the area would find pig heads on display at the butchers with apples in their mouths in butcher windows, and ask for them to the butcher’s surprise.

como comprar acciones de home depot

Cutting it off is illegal so in Spain/Catalonia it is normally outsourced by Endesa to other companies who claim they are only doing their job. In Spain on top of that, energy company Repsol gets a cut on any PV system connected to the grid. If you don’t tell them you’re feeding their nasty electric grid you get a large fine.

Open Source Community Sousveillance System

The racial composition of the people there now is mixed as many European and a few US refugees are among them. It would be good to have a scene where in the background kids help a woman to pick up fruit fallen from a stall in a droid attack, and then line up for a free one after it’s all tidied up. Another scene would show a freckled redhead getting hassled for being an “illegal”. So in researching how a script might have to work, I tried to see the natural progression that comics like “The Walking Dead” made, from webcomic to print, to series, film and game. Each medium is connected somehow, and an idea has to be able to develop across so many of them. And then I have to figure out what part of the story I want to tell in the short term.

The reasonable excuse is interference with police activity especially in the case of plainclothes police. This means if you leave your phone recording at the window, depending on how this law works and the situation involved, the recording can be classed as your own home phone recording, whilst being networked with other local phones in a citizen run surveillance system with the above features. We can include it in school tomorrow, when the children from countless schools have to walk in past all the remnants of that violence.

  • In spain it’s possible to take out a specific contract for a staircase or shared account across a group.
  • With a small 40w camping fridge you can have a constantly cooled area in which to store milk, but can also make milk and drink it as it’s made, each morning to last the day.
  • So how can we provide all these basic elements in a reduced network that nevertheless can quickly close it’s borders if infection is identified further on?
  • So in-depth information on homosexuality amongst indigenous andean cultures is hidden in the way back archive, and it’s all piecemeal bits of information that escaped being burnt and destroyed by repulsed and probably repressed conquistadors.
  • Any laws in a surrounding state that harm the rights of women should be opposed and overturned.

(Rojava’s own constitution guarantees cultural, religious and political freedom to all people, with equal rights for all). Maybe those kids who went to sleep in their schools across Catalonia to defend their polling booths, went to sleep in a province of Spain, and woke up in what will now always be a land which Spain has merely occupied, but that is now being defended. The little mouse travelled up, back to her valley and to her sick father. There was no moon, no stars, no wind and no sun, but in the middle of the valley the fox sat gloating. “Don’t worry little mouse. Any trouble you see had been there since long ago. Now at least it’s out, and I think we will be okay. Go home to your valley, and I will make sure you are all protected from the fox and his plans.” “You are always fighting the sun god, and can’t even walk the earth at the same time as he. I am getting so tired of you both, and you never tell me anything”.

NEW! High Resolution Monthly Celebration with Monthly Motto (June – March)

For most people 20 years ago, personal diaries, photos, and pretty much any self made creation would stay amongst your closest circles. We were unable to share them, whereas today this presence can be accomplished with social media accounts and mobile devices. The ability to share has led us to confront the idea that it wasn’t just about the sharing but also about the way we live, the way we share and with what intermediaries. This is why I propose the term Pheroverse for p2p metaverses, as a way to question what a physical life connected to a 3d virtual reality experience can mean in a way that makes sense to today’s most networked people. Instead of all the brilliant data and information inside a phone accessible via thumbs, all this will be freed with new displays, projection, graphical, and multimedia or haptic interfaces, freed from the devices and inhabiting a mixed world of physical and virtual.

How could Scotland have a more resilient food system?

If you consume a product produced within a radius of 100km you use up less energy than if you consume a product created at a distance of 1000km. Imagine an interface much like the Construct in the film The Matrix – where you can run your own local simulator for practice or training from your biblically named hovercraft or whatever your vessel may be at that point in life. You won’t find a bottle of test pills or androgel sold over the counter at your local pharmacy, sustanon 250 vs 350. I know Aymara people have had a very dark history with regard to the catholic church. When priests and inspectors would find villages where we still upheld our beliefs they would literally burn the entire village.

Now we also can carry, courtesy of crypto currencies, a central bank, minting press and even personal possessions (or the information and designs to re-create them) in pocket/worn devices and can use them in all these interfaces. After a bunch of mutual networks formed over the weekend of the 14th of March in Glasgow and as I can see from the internet, are still forming https://1investing.in/ around the world, I started to look into the tech side of the response to coronavirus. A lot of things happening, with Tech companies giving away free access to their content, data bundles and services, during the crisis, On the other hand the governments plan and in some cases already carried out intrusive policies that violate many established privacy rights.

Instead, our OCP is a system that lets you map your cooperative project and add it to an ecosystem of projects all using FairCoin.

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