10. Staff Duties

Staff have a statutory obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of their colleagues and other parties. In order to facilitate a safe return to work, these duties include, but are not limited to, the following —

    • Adhere to the School Covid-19 Response Plan and the control measures outlined. The cooperation and assistance of all staff is essential to reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19 and to protect health and safety as far as possible within the school. All staff have a key role to play
    • Coordinate and work with their colleagues to ensure that physical distancing is maintained
    • Make themselves aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and monitor their own wellbeing
    • Self-isolate and contact their GP promptly for further advice if they display any symptoms of Covid-19
    • Not return or attend school if they have symptoms of Covid-19 under any circumstances.
    • If they develop any symptoms of Covid-19 whilst within the school facility, they should adhere to the procedure outlined above
    • Complete the RTW form before they return to work
    • Must inform the Principal if there are any other circumstances relating to Covid-19, not included in the form, which may need to be disclosed to facilitate their safe return to the workplace
    •  Must complete Covid-19 Induction Training and any other training required prior to their return to school
    • Must be aware of, and adhere to, good hygiene and respiratory etiquette practices
    • Keep informed of the updated advice of the public health authorities and comply with same.


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