2. Planning and Preparing for Return to School 

The Board of Management aims to facilitate the resumption of school based teaching and learning and the return to the workplace of staff. The return to the work must be done safely and in strict adherence to the advice and instructions of public health authorities and the Government.

Details for the reopening of the school facility and the applicable controls are outlined in this document.

a. School Buildings
Before re-opening schools in the new school year schools are reminded to check the following —

• Does the water system need flushing at outlets following low usage to prevent Legionella disease;
• Has school equipment and mechanical ventilation been checked for signs of deterioration or damage before being used again;
• Have bin collections and other essential services resumed

b. Signage
Schools will be required to display signage outlining the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and to support good hand and respiratory hygiene. The following is a link to the dedicated area of the Health Protection and Surveillance Centre (HPSC) website where there are a number of posters, including those appropriate for primary school pupils, located. Irish versions are also available here —

Schools can download the posters and display in prominent areas such as offices, corridors, staffroom area, classrooms and toilets.


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