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Where Students explore their full range of abilities and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of their identity.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Tullamore ETNS Covid-19 School Response Plan
August 2020


Table of Contents

Introduction — 2
01. Tullamore ETNS COVID-19 Policy — 3
02. Planning and Preparing for Return to School — 4
03. Procedure for Returning to Work (RTW) — 5
04. Return to work safely and Lead Worker Representative — 6
05. Safety Statement and Risk Assessment — 7
06. General advice to prevent the spread of the virus — 7
07. Managing the risk of spread of COVID-19 — 8
08. Control Measures — 9
09. Dealing with a suspected case of Covid-19 — 10
10. Staff Duties — 11
11. Covid related absence management — 12
12. Employee Assistance and Wellbeing Programme — 12

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